Immersive storytelling

Bring your audience anywhere in an instant. For example give them a glimpse of a day in the life of an Air Force pilot, let them experience riding a World Cup ski racing course at full speed or just let them escape to the calm and beaty of Stockholms archipelago.

Through these and many more projects we’ve learnt a lot about this relatively new and exiting technology by pushing the limits of what it can do, thus far.

ease of use

If you, like many of our customers, want to showcase your video at events and shows using quality headsets for the best possible experience- we’ve got you covered. In close collaboration with Adeprimo we’ve produced:

  • Concept for your video and your space at shows/events.

  • Custom headset rigs branded with your logo, tucked away cables and power supply fitted to your needs.

  • Custom apps for playing the videos in headsets with additional copy info and graphics to further communicate your message through the user experience.


Watch a mix of shots from the immersive 360/VR stories we've produced with a wide range of customers such as Försvarsmakten(Swedish Armed Forces), SkiStar and Stockholm City.